Stacie's Spring Styled Bridal Shoot

Wedding Vendors and Photographers do styled shoots for a couple reasons. For marketing purposes and as a creative side dish to the paid entrees. My reason was that honestly I wasn’t booking as many weddings as I’d like so I wanted to do a Bridal session to have some new wedding content to share and remind people I do in fact, do weddings ;)

I had a vision of sparkly converse sneakers, a wide brimmed fedora and a bride holding flowers with their roots still attached. I recently heard the new Maren Morris song Bones and these lines stood out to me,

Baby, I know any storm we're facing
Will blow right over while we stay put
The house don't fall when the bones are good

Why cut the roots off, when those carry the most beautiful part of the plant?

Enjoy the photos- I had so much fun putting this to life for you. Thank you to the vendors who donated!

Dress- Diamond Bridal Couture, Simone Carvalli

Hand Lettered Sign- @Hannah_lettered

Flowers (on hat and in hand)- Thanksgiving Farms

Makeup Artist- Megan Cohen @makeovermegan

Hair- Stacie Lynch @stylesby_stacie

Styled- Me! Stephanie Burman

Major Maternity

Sunrise photoshoots can be challenging. Like, I really hope I'm standing facing East right now and the 5am call time isn't easy. It's also hard to convince clients the lighting in the morning is amazing. Sunrise and sunset. Best times for shoots. Anyways, Melissa was all in from the get-go. Not sure how much convincing it took her husband, but they both showed up bright-eyed and bushy tailed the top of Federal Hill. 

So, all the while, and as I went back and edited these photos I realized I kept saying "yasss girl" in my mind. Melissa has the BEST camera faces! She knew exactly how to pose. I really didn't have to stage anything for them. The dress she was wearing was breathtaking as well. Gorgeous Mama-To-Be. I'll leave you with more of my favorites below. Thank you to Melissa and Michael for allowing me to photograph this moment with you and I cannot wait to meet Mr. Major! 

Brittany & Matt's Engagement

When I first started doing photo sessions, Brittany was a regular model for me. She's more photogenic than she gives herself credit for. After I heard she was engaged, I hoped she chose me to shoot her wedding. I cannot wait for their wedding come September judging by how well these photos turned out! 

Brittany chose a farm boy to marry, and good thing he loves animals as much as she does. I knew she'd want her horse and dogs in the shoot, but Matt added a first for me. His heard of cows at the farm. With this gorgeous couple, the scenery of a farm, and their beloved pets I knew this would be an awesome shoot. 

Featuring Call Me Eastwood & Addison ;) Mr. & (future) Mrs. Doody!

Our Baltimore Row Home Renovation

I don't do very well with sticking to goals. I quit just about everything I start within a few weeks, one including this blog. I can't do anything long enough to form a habit. It's weird because I get so excited I'm going to start something new. Maybe it's boredom? Exercising, dieting, cooking and not eating out as much...come and go in weekly spurts. I am only telling you this because I started thinking of the things I have stuck to, and I'm writing a blog for the first time in 8 months to tell you about it. Kind of ironic. The things I have stuck to include;

-Telling my Husband "Good morning, I love you, and have faith and trust in you and us" every day for the past 3 years.

- Taking my "vitamins", aka, anxiety meds every morning around the same time,

- and telling my Mother good night and that I love her. 

Although there are a lot of things that I cannot seem to stick to, my interests have always stayed the same. My creative mind will always drift into song, or day dream about projects I'd like to start. Music, photography, interior design, bridal fashion and crafting always light me up. These interests have never brought in the big bucks-which Shawn may remind me from time to time- but it makes my soul happy, and he understands that.

Once I bought my first home and renovated it, I was hooked. Needed my next project, stat. I moved in with Shawn and two roommates in Baltimore. I could not feel at home there. It wasn't my house, I couldn't decorate like I wanted, and most importantly, it was a new house. Built in 2012. ew. Character was lost somewhere in the 1980's when mass housing communities were born. My family has lived in the same home since I was born. My Dad was the GC of the project, so him and my mom designed it. Every one of my childhood memories happened there. I need to be surrounded with things that mean something to me. Yes, material things. Something Shawn and I argue about often. He comes from a military family who kept their special belongings in a storage unit. They moved many times, and Shawn got to experience way more than I did growing up in different towns. Different climates and different children to play with. He learned not to hold onto material items. I mean, in the end they really do not matter. Ya can't take them to the grave. You live your life in memories and experiences. 

Well, I have a terrible memory and I've always dreamed of handing things down to my children. So sue me. Actually speaking of the word "sue", all this probably comes from my hoarding Mother, Susan. 

In conclusion, I'd like to share with you our most recent project. Near the Lithuanian Hall in Hollins Market, our home. BEFORE...

The living room after photos: We tore down the middle wall with all the closets. We took up carpet, padding and a million staples. Refinished the floors. Opened up the doorways. Painted and installed shutters, replaced spot lights over fireplace. 


Here are close up's of some of my favorite details :) I made a chandelier out of an old "hay grabber" my Dad found at his Hardware Store. The table, couch, and chair are hand-me-downs. The whiskey was made for us by a friend for our wedding. I made the coffee table from old barn wood from our friends barn that fell down and plumbing pipe. The couch was my grandfathers, as is his gun hanging up. 

So that is our living/dining combo. We made the decision to make the original dining room into our new kitchen. The old kitchen is now our laundry/powder room. This is the biggest transformation. Here are the before photos. 

We took down the wood paneling. We still have them in the basement, I just have to figure out what to do with them. We think they are old wood doors cut in half. The hardest part of designing a kitchen is figuring out where to put everything. We went to Home Depot many times to design it. They have a program that calculates dimensions. We took many measurements, many times. I knew I wanted a wall that was open shelving and some sort of an island. I read somewhere that your most used appliances should be in a triangle. So that's our fridge, oven and sink. This definitely took the most time and effort. Shawn downloaded Google Sketch-up and worked overtime to get everything correct. We did not order anything from Home Depot, their quote was 4 times what we actually paid. We had the sink, from a Habitat from Humanity ReStore purchase months prior. Having that one piece helped a lot. We basically designed the kitchen around that. Standard cabinets do not come cut for farmhouse sinks, so we had to get that sink cabinet re-cut. Hardware was all bought way after cabinets were installed. We went to Lowes and got all new appliances near Christmas when they were having a sale. Faucets are expensive. Copper range hoods are expensive. Marble counter tops are expensive. We ended up getting a look a-like granite. I wanted it to match the fireplace. All these purchases did not happen at once. This was hard because I have no patience. I could see the outcome, but had to wait for paychecks. My vision for the kitchen was white and copper. How do you think we did? 

Since I love Chip & Joanna (who doesn't?) my new favorite wall accessory is shiplap. If you've noticed they don't use shiplap in kitchens because it's wood. So I went researching for an alternative. This is Hardi plank exterior siding. It's a concrete composite so it's can install behind ovens. Perfect! It is super heavy and easily cracks, so you have to be careful when installing. We had help. Shawn surprised me with the copper range hood he found on eBay. My mom gave us the stools she got from Tractor Supply. The new door to the laundry room was an original door the boys cut down and we hung up on sliders. 

Next up is our master bedroom. There wasn't much we had to do up there. Carpet, staples, re-paint. We didn't totally refinish the hardwood upstairs. We got it stripped, and I decided to white-wash them. Bigger task than I thought. It can only be done in 4x4 squares. I mixed up one part white paint, two parts water and painted it on. Then you have to wipe it off to show the wood grain underneath. Our upstairs is approx. 1,000 sq. ft, so it took a couple weeks. I've always wanted a 3 window wide home. So much light! Before...

AFTER. I got the curtain rods from Target, but needed tie backs. So I made these out of plumbing pipe (see a pattern?). The pew is my favorite part. It was our guest book from our wedding. I get to read the notes every morning. It's Shawn's best idea yet. The apple crates fit perfectly into the cubbies, they are from an orchard up in Thurmont MD. 

There are 2 full bathrooms on the 2nd floor. We refinished one of them for now. It was straight out of the 70's. This one is through our guest room on 2nd floor. Before...

The bathroom was totally gutted, minus the vanity. I painted it white and replaced the faucet. Other than that, everything is new. After...

We still have two more bathrooms to complete, and the laundry room (the old kitchen). I'll be posting about that next. All the work was completed in one year with the help of our contractor, plumber and electrician. Hope you enjoyed this journey so far! More to come :) 

The Noel Family

I pulled into the cutest development outside of Lake Linganore that I never knew existed. I love finding new areas in my hometown. It was beautiful out there, perfect weather too. This was my first photo shoot at someones' home, and their home was perfect for it! We started outside with Henry. 

Victor & Samantha have beautiful children, and this is their newest- Cline who joined us outside too :)

Inside we did some shots of Cline (who got his name from one of Samantha's relatives, Patsy), who is the first newborn I've taken pictures of. I was kind of nervous, but Cline was a very well behaved baby who let us move him in all sorts of shapes :) 

The next photo is one Samantha "pinned", which I'm obsessed with! 

These next are candid of Henry taking a small Coke break. 

After the boys had their fun, Big Sister came home from school and we got to have a little fun with her out front. 

I loved hanging out with these beauties, and can't wait to watch them grow up. Thank you Victor & Samantha for having me take these pictures!! 

Carrie's Bridal Shower

Right now its Carnival in St. Thomas, and last year this time in the islands it was called "The Biggest Fete Ever Seen". Well in regards to Carrie's bridal shower, that was the biggest fete I've ever seen! 

I have been wanting to visit Springfield Manor Winery & Distillery since I've been home. My mom told me there's lavender fields, a barn, and a historic home, all overlooking the Catoctin Mountains. How much more beautiful does that sound?! The shower was in the barn, which melted my heart as soon as I walked in. I'm not so good at describing things, so I'll just explain by way of images. 

Aren't those details beautiful!! Although, anything with a barn wood backdrop usually is pretty spectacular. I would also like to point out Carries' wedding hashtag that I am super jealous of. First their names are Carrie Bohrer and Robbie O'Brian, so her hashtag is #fromBohtoO....!!!! Her creative game is on point. Onto the rest of the beauty of the day, the girls! I think their theme was jean jackets and nude heels.... ;) Classic. 

How adorable is her fiance?! Bringin' flowers to her, bein all cute an all...   

How adorable is her fiance?! Bringin' flowers to her, bein all cute an all...


Thank you so much Carrie for allowing me to photograph this amazing fete of a shower! I know a lot of hands went into making this very special for you, it was all noticed :) Enjoy this time before you're married! 

The Thompson's

It's been a while since my last post! Hopefully you'll forgive me with the help of Harper who will surely put a smile on your face. Brandon and I first met working together at George Mason and started a softball team together. We both share the love of Baltimore sports teams (give or take the football one), and have gotten to be really great friends that I think will continue for a long time. Through Brandon I met his awesome wife, Shannon, and on Sunday I met Harper. The newest addition to their family; who, I might add, was a ball of sass! Probably because she's never had a camera in front of her face for a continuous hour, she just didn't know what to do.  She started to get more comfortable throughout the shoot, and I have some pretty hilarious outtakes to embarrass her when she gets older :) Culler Lake was bursting with Spring and it was so nice to get out and enjoy it with this family. Enjoy!!

Caption this!   

Caption this!


"I've had it!"   

"I've had it!"


And lastly "these shoes were made for walkin'..."

Brady In Baltimore

The Lambert's are very good family friends of ours, and one of them came to visit me in Baltimore. Here are some I took of him in front of my favorite lighthouse. 

And a couple of Lindsay splattered in too! 

Winter Wedding Inspiration

I did a collaboration with a couple girls for a Winter Wedding Inspiration Photo Shoot. I wanted to highlight a different season not usually included in "wedding season". Living in Maryland, I know what winter is, and there is no reason to take Winter out of the mix of seasons to be married in. The dull colors of open fields are wonderful backdrops for a colorful bouquet and vibrant bridesmaid dresses. I personally love those dull colors of grey, browns and dusty blues.  Let me show you just what I mean. 

For a bride, it's hard to imagine yourself in the cold on your wedding day. But if you can tough out the weather, maybe with a nice fur stole or white leather jacket...the photos will be just as gorgeous as summer wedding photos. 

Let me know what you guys think of this, it was my first time ever doing a collaboration like this. I owe a lot to Jordan K. Winn & Co., thanks girl. I learned a whole bunch for next time! Thank you for giving me this opportunity :) Also a shoutout to Rosalie Thon, thank you for letting us use your barn and yard for this shoot!! Other contributors were April Reardon of Bend In The River Farm and Throne Paper Goods. 

Sarah & Charlie's Civil Ceremony

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a civil ceremony at The Frederick County Courthouse. I had never attended a wedding at the courthouse before, and I was very excited to see how things went down. Did you know it’s only a $25 fee?! We went on a Tuesday at 12:30, and surprisingly enough there was no one else that was getting married that day, so we went on in. It was on their 6 year anniversary. I couldn’t believe how calm Sarah was. They both wore jeans and boots, and it was the sweetest ceremony involving their parents, brother, and closest friend. Really, that’s all you need. This was the perfect “no frills” wedding. I googled “civil ceremonies” before heading downtown, and realized, weddings big or small, as long as there’s a commitment between two people in front of a pastor or the circuit court judge, it doesn’t matter who is there or how much money you spent. I was very lucky to see how much love goes on in that small room, probably every day. Thank you Sarah for asking me to photograph your wedding! Here are some of my favorite shots from your day. 

We took some photos outside with family and "friend" (Danielle), and then headed through the metal detector, and onward to the chapel! Here are some photos from the ceremony...

How amazing is Sarah's smile? I would be smilin' too if I just got married!  The next shots were with Mr. & Mrs. Whitworth

This last photo reminds me of the Martina McBride song"...everybody knows, that the sweetest thing you'll ever see, in the whole wide world, is a happy girl."


Congratulations Sarah & Charlie! 

Jenna & Joe's Surprise Engagement

Joe contacted me and asked if I would photograph, from afar, at 8:30, him and his girlfriend. He was pretty vague about the whole thing, although I had an inkling he was going to propose. I told him I kinda couldn't be incognito at night without setting up flashes, and her knowing someone was snapping pictures from the bushes...So we brainstormed and came up with including her and having a "family shoot" but really he would propose during it. He had already contacted a guitarist to play "their song" when the moment was right (awwww!) and enlisted the help of her BFF to assist with their dog Baloo. 

Needless to say this couple is the most photogenic couple, EVER. Trust me, magazine worthy. check it out. 

See? Gorgeous. Now, lets get to the good stuff. The main event. The proposal. While we were walking over to the lake, Joe and I saw the guitarist. Jenna may have, but people sit on park benches and play guitar right? Not that out of the ordinary. I take them on the bridge to distract her from going straight to Mr. Guitarist and to get Joe mentally ready. In my head I was hoping he knew that Joe was Joe from their emails, and he didn't start playing "their song" for anyone else walking by doing a photo shoot. Later we found out, he didn't, but there were two other couples taking pictures. Whew. Anyways, this happened next....

It was absolutely perfect. She said yes, and then...

A huge thank you to Stephanie Nara, Lindsay Clark and all these girls for coming to Brewers to celebrate. This was a huge success thanks to all of you! 


I feel like I have a BUNCH to talk about. But instead of going backwards, I'm going to go forwards and explain as I go. 

I just downloaded this album, and it fits so well with me living in the islands.This is my current jam. It's almost been 7 months, we passed the half year mark, and I can say that we feel like we have a place here. People recognize us, we have a system and schedule we've fallen into and are starting to feel "home". 

I don't want to make this blog my personal one, but it's going to be hard not to talk about what's going on in my life, so I'll get back to why I made this website in the first place. For my photography! Facebook Pages isn't cutting it, although it was very easy and I am not computer savvy...I had to jump out of my comfort zone and invest in myself. With the help of my wonderful and proactive fiance, I found a great template for my first website. 

There's a good amount of photos to look through, and I hope to add a lot more via the blog every shoot I go on. For this evening, I'm going to leave you with a couple from the shoot I did tonight with a great new friend and master photographer, Thomas. He's taken me under my wing and really got me thinking professionally about this. I have a lot to owe to him and I have a feeling a lot more in the future. 

Meet the Parks! Their son is named Kamden. Kamden Parks. They;re from Kansas City, so that wasn't implied, but how could I not think of my beloved OPACY?!