I feel like I have a BUNCH to talk about. But instead of going backwards, I'm going to go forwards and explain as I go. 

I just downloaded this album, and it fits so well with me living in the islands.This is my current jam. It's almost been 7 months, we passed the half year mark, and I can say that we feel like we have a place here. People recognize us, we have a system and schedule we've fallen into and are starting to feel "home". 

I don't want to make this blog my personal one, but it's going to be hard not to talk about what's going on in my life, so I'll get back to why I made this website in the first place. For my photography! Facebook Pages isn't cutting it, although it was very easy and I am not computer savvy...I had to jump out of my comfort zone and invest in myself. With the help of my wonderful and proactive fiance, I found a great template for my first website. 

There's a good amount of photos to look through, and I hope to add a lot more via the blog every shoot I go on. For this evening, I'm going to leave you with a couple from the shoot I did tonight with a great new friend and master photographer, Thomas. He's taken me under my wing and really got me thinking professionally about this. I have a lot to owe to him and I have a feeling a lot more in the future. 

Meet the Parks! Their son is named Kamden. Kamden Parks. They;re from Kansas City, so that wasn't implied, but how could I not think of my beloved OPACY?!