Winter Wedding Inspiration

I did a collaboration with a couple girls for a Winter Wedding Inspiration Photo Shoot. I wanted to highlight a different season not usually included in "wedding season". Living in Maryland, I know what winter is, and there is no reason to take Winter out of the mix of seasons to be married in. The dull colors of open fields are wonderful backdrops for a colorful bouquet and vibrant bridesmaid dresses. I personally love those dull colors of grey, browns and dusty blues.  Let me show you just what I mean. 

For a bride, it's hard to imagine yourself in the cold on your wedding day. But if you can tough out the weather, maybe with a nice fur stole or white leather jacket...the photos will be just as gorgeous as summer wedding photos. 

Let me know what you guys think of this, it was my first time ever doing a collaboration like this. I owe a lot to Jordan K. Winn & Co., thanks girl. I learned a whole bunch for next time! Thank you for giving me this opportunity :) Also a shoutout to Rosalie Thon, thank you for letting us use your barn and yard for this shoot!! Other contributors were April Reardon of Bend In The River Farm and Throne Paper Goods.