Family Photography

The Noel Family

I pulled into the cutest development outside of Lake Linganore that I never knew existed. I love finding new areas in my hometown. It was beautiful out there, perfect weather too. This was my first photo shoot at someones' home, and their home was perfect for it! We started outside with Henry. 

Victor & Samantha have beautiful children, and this is their newest- Cline who joined us outside too :)

Inside we did some shots of Cline (who got his name from one of Samantha's relatives, Patsy), who is the first newborn I've taken pictures of. I was kind of nervous, but Cline was a very well behaved baby who let us move him in all sorts of shapes :) 

The next photo is one Samantha "pinned", which I'm obsessed with! 

These next are candid of Henry taking a small Coke break. 

After the boys had their fun, Big Sister came home from school and we got to have a little fun with her out front. 

I loved hanging out with these beauties, and can't wait to watch them grow up. Thank you Victor & Samantha for having me take these pictures!! 

The Thompson's

It's been a while since my last post! Hopefully you'll forgive me with the help of Harper who will surely put a smile on your face. Brandon and I first met working together at George Mason and started a softball team together. We both share the love of Baltimore sports teams (give or take the football one), and have gotten to be really great friends that I think will continue for a long time. Through Brandon I met his awesome wife, Shannon, and on Sunday I met Harper. The newest addition to their family; who, I might add, was a ball of sass! Probably because she's never had a camera in front of her face for a continuous hour, she just didn't know what to do.  She started to get more comfortable throughout the shoot, and I have some pretty hilarious outtakes to embarrass her when she gets older :) Culler Lake was bursting with Spring and it was so nice to get out and enjoy it with this family. Enjoy!!

Caption this!   

Caption this!


"I've had it!"   

"I've had it!"


And lastly "these shoes were made for walkin'..."