Major Maternity

Sunrise photoshoots can be challenging. Like, I really hope I'm standing facing East right now and the 5am call time isn't easy. It's also hard to convince clients the lighting in the morning is amazing. Sunrise and sunset. Best times for shoots. Anyways, Melissa was all in from the get-go. Not sure how much convincing it took her husband, but they both showed up bright-eyed and bushy tailed the top of Federal Hill. 

So, all the while, and as I went back and edited these photos I realized I kept saying "yasss girl" in my mind. Melissa has the BEST camera faces! She knew exactly how to pose. I really didn't have to stage anything for them. The dress she was wearing was breathtaking as well. Gorgeous Mama-To-Be. I'll leave you with more of my favorites below. Thank you to Melissa and Michael for allowing me to photograph this moment with you and I cannot wait to meet Mr. Major!