civil ceremony

Sarah & Charlie's Civil Ceremony

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a civil ceremony at The Frederick County Courthouse. I had never attended a wedding at the courthouse before, and I was very excited to see how things went down. Did you know it’s only a $25 fee?! We went on a Tuesday at 12:30, and surprisingly enough there was no one else that was getting married that day, so we went on in. It was on their 6 year anniversary. I couldn’t believe how calm Sarah was. They both wore jeans and boots, and it was the sweetest ceremony involving their parents, brother, and closest friend. Really, that’s all you need. This was the perfect “no frills” wedding. I googled “civil ceremonies” before heading downtown, and realized, weddings big or small, as long as there’s a commitment between two people in front of a pastor or the circuit court judge, it doesn’t matter who is there or how much money you spent. I was very lucky to see how much love goes on in that small room, probably every day. Thank you Sarah for asking me to photograph your wedding! Here are some of my favorite shots from your day. 

We took some photos outside with family and "friend" (Danielle), and then headed through the metal detector, and onward to the chapel! Here are some photos from the ceremony...

How amazing is Sarah's smile? I would be smilin' too if I just got married!  The next shots were with Mr. & Mrs. Whitworth

This last photo reminds me of the Martina McBride song"...everybody knows, that the sweetest thing you'll ever see, in the whole wide world, is a happy girl."


Congratulations Sarah & Charlie!