engagement photography

Jenna & Joe's Surprise Engagement

Joe contacted me and asked if I would photograph, from afar, at 8:30, him and his girlfriend. He was pretty vague about the whole thing, although I had an inkling he was going to propose. I told him I kinda couldn't be incognito at night without setting up flashes, and her knowing someone was snapping pictures from the bushes...So we brainstormed and came up with including her and having a "family shoot" but really he would propose during it. He had already contacted a guitarist to play "their song" when the moment was right (awwww!) and enlisted the help of her BFF to assist with their dog Baloo. 

Needless to say this couple is the most photogenic couple, EVER. Trust me, magazine worthy. check it out. 

See? Gorgeous. Now, lets get to the good stuff. The main event. The proposal. While we were walking over to the lake, Joe and I saw the guitarist. Jenna may have, but people sit on park benches and play guitar right? Not that out of the ordinary. I take them on the bridge to distract her from going straight to Mr. Guitarist and to get Joe mentally ready. In my head I was hoping he knew that Joe was Joe from their emails, and he didn't start playing "their song" for anyone else walking by doing a photo shoot. Later we found out, he didn't, but there were two other couples taking pictures. Whew. Anyways, this happened next....

It was absolutely perfect. She said yes, and then...

A huge thank you to Stephanie Nara, Lindsay Clark and all these girls for coming to Brewers to celebrate. This was a huge success thanks to all of you!